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oniugnip's Journal

Alex R.
1 September 1982
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  • oniugnip@livejournal.com
Hi, I'm Alex.

I do all sorts of interesting stuff, and I hang out with lots of groovy kids. I very rarely flip out and stab, but I am a mammal.

(penguinparens is me too, but it's even boringer)
24-hour places, alexr, anagrams, aphex twin, artificial intelligence, atlhack, balanced delimiters, believing in qualia, bicycling, black coffee, borges, breakdancing, buckling spring technology, c, cartoons, civil liberties, coffee, common lisp, computational linguistics, computer science, cookie thievery, crunching dry leaves, cs2130, david hume, definitive jux, dinosaur comics, douglas adams, dr. seuss, education, evolution, fensler films, fluidtoons, free association, free hugs, free software, fuck the haters, fundamental attribution error, generative art, georgia tech, giant flower-crushing pterodactyls, google, gray goo apocalypse, hats, humanism, ibm model m, jazz flute, jim henson, juggling, k&r, kindness, languages, latex (for typesetting), lindsey kuper, linguistics, linux, lisp, lj interests, machine learning, machine translation, marathons, maths, men of science, metal, metaphors, model ms, mournful trombone solos, musical theatre, mythology, nanobots for everything, natural language processing, natural language understanding, new wave, nietzsche, nine inch nails, ninjas, no true scotsman, nonviolence, not believing in qualia, not suffering, online communities, open source, our turn to decide, outrunning the stinger, overgeneralization, personal culture, philip k. dick, python, reading too much news, real ultimate power, removal of signs, running, scruffy unix girls, self-reference, semaphore, silly hats, silly tie day, ska, spanish, spicy food, stanislaw lem, subcultures, sunny days, taking the magic away, taking your unique interests, texas cr0n job, the absurd, the converse error, the icfp programming contest, the jargon file, the pigeonhole principle, the violator pattern, things that are kitties, topics not listed here, track and field, trampolines, true metal people, tsrb, ubuntu, unicycling, unix, usability, use-mention distinction, veggie burgers, vim, web comics, william gibson, words