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[icon] helping out at the Digital Game Museum! - Alex R.
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Subject:helping out at the Digital Game Museum!
Time:10:46 pm
People are often like "ew, the South Bay". And there are valid reasons for that! But you know what kind of stuff is in the South Bay? The Digital Game Museum.

There is *so much* computing history around these parts, and the Digital Game Museum is doing quite a lot to catalog it and archive and preserve it!

I went to volunteer there tonight -- found out about the event through a local Meetup group -- and it was super interesting. There was the museum director and four other volunteers (and me), and they were all super cool people. We went through a few boxes of donations and cataloged everything in them. Mostly, the box I picked through was the game boxes from old 3DO games, which had been carefully flattened for archival purposes. There were some really strange ones, such as Shelley Duvall's It's a Bird's Life and Dennis Miller's That's News To Me. But also SUPER STREET FIGHTER II TURBO (did you know there was a 3DO version?) and SAMURAI SHODOWN (which *I* didn't know had a 3DO release).

We also went through a bunch of N64 and SNES game boxes, all of which had been nicely flattened! I sat down with a scanner and scanned all the pages of the manual for the first-edition "Street Fighter II" manual for the SNES.

The people there had all kinds of interesting interests; it turns out the director has this fascination with Korean culture, and she was talking with one of the volunteers about their favorite K-TV-dramas. Another volunteer was a university student studying history, and another was a programming teacher who'd formerly worked on AAA video games. (like the relatively recent Tomb Raider games!)

A few of the items that we cataloged, for your perusal:

I'll have to go back and look at the collection as a visitor, rather than as a volunteer...

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[icon] helping out at the Digital Game Museum! - Alex R.
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