Alex R. (oniugnip) wrote,
Alex R.

something pretty dumb

Earlier tonight, I was talking with my dad about my upcoming Israel trip. He had the foresight to ask about my passport, knowing that it had been about ten years since I got it. (we went to Costa Rica together soon after I graduated high school, which was pretty great!)

He relayed a story, where his friend Don had had to cancel a trip, because his passport was going to expire soon-ish, and he was required to have six months left on it -- and it turns out that that's a real problem, and they won't let you travel to many countries unless you have at least six months to go on your passport!! I've got about five on mine, which I thought would be alright, but apparently not.

So we're headed to Chicago to get my passport taken care of -- they've got a pretty nice automated system for making an appointment, and apparently you can get them renewed the same day! Tuesday, Tuesday Tuesday. (Lindsey's somewhat unscheduled these days, and she agreed to go with! So awesome of her <3! )

Thanks, Dad :)
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