Alex R. (oniugnip) wrote,
Alex R.

no water damage yet, but also no water

The ceiling in the kitchen was leaking again, but Lindsey noticed it and we Took Swift Action!

You may recall that a pipe burst this past January, while we were gone for winter break, and the kitchen was pretty much destroyed. It seems like a related problem, this time around!

We figured out how to turn off the water main. There's a small manhole-like thing out in the front yard and we went out with a wrench and shut off the water before there was any major damage! +20 Competent Adult Points!

Landlady Amy came over, took a look at it, kindly gave us a bunch of apple cider and rice krispy treats, and promised to call repair people in the morning.

(can we shower at your house?)

(running water is exceedingly convenient.)

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