Alex R. (oniugnip) wrote,
Alex R.

Race results: Atlanta Track Club track meet! (12 May)

(in order of tonight's races)

Alex oniugnip: (racing in barefoot shoes)
- a relatively un-warmed-up 200m with some middle-school guys. 27 seconds. (won the race!)
- ran a more warmed-up 800m, at 2:37. Probably didn't run hard enough, could have felt worse at the end :)

Mark markluffel:
- did a pretty intense mile: 5:45. Led the pack for quite a while and finished strong!

Lindsey lindseykuper:
- Did the mile! 7:45, totally passing people towards the end. \m/

These track meets -- pretty awesome. They're big friendly events with a lot of people, ranging from very young to pretty old. We might be out again next week!
Tags: race results

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